Wealth Strategies & Management LLC (WS&M) works with corporate institutions, mid-sized companies, bank trust departments, and small businesses to provide strategic direction on asset management, portfolio growth, and financial planning in order to chart a solid course perfectly aligned to address client goals and objectives for their organization’s fiscal future. WS&M is available to serve as a strategic advisor to other financial services firms seeking the guidance of Thomas Byrne, WS&M’s Director of Fixed Income and manager of outside separately managed accounts (SMA).

Byrne has served in the financial services industry for 26 years – of which 23 were specifically focused on fixed income asset management. Byrne is a featured columnist with and has had publication credits that include The Wall Street Journal and Treasury Today. He also writes strategic analysis articles under his publication Bond Squad.

WS&M offers a refreshing approach to institutional wealth management, focused on forging a strong relationship with both the client and their stakeholders, including board of directors, legal counsel, and corporate executives, among others. This symbiotic relationship fosters open communication and leads to sound strategic advice perfectly attuned to the budgetary concerns and timetable constraints common to the corporate and institutional financial services sector.